Hi Rex, thanks for responding.  Our Universe system is on UNIX AIX and for now 
Mercurial/TortoiseHg is on each developers PC.   Our home-grown 
check-out-check-in tool is just on the UNIX system.  We checkout our programs 
which creates a Universe file version control log for the 'checked-out' 
program.  If the program is new then our tool creates a program template in a 
development account, if the program pre-exists it makes a copy of the program 
in the development account.  When the developer is done with the program in 
they 'check-in' the program which moves the current production version to an 
archive library then moves, compiles, and catalogs the development version to 
production and updates the version control log with the check-in information.

For my initial TortoiseHg tests, I used FTP to get my programs from our UNIX 
system to my PC then committed them in a tortoise repository.  What I do not 
understand is how to get the programs back out to make changes.  The 
documentation on how this works is somewhat lacking?


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I use CVS (currently porting my scripts to use Mercurial) for Universe
program version control.

A lot depends on your "version control" paradigm; many software
developers "checkout" their source code and "build" their software
from scratch.  This is what I do here; I make changes to the source
code repository, build the software accounts, then upgrade existing
sites with the new software.

Some developers don't "build" their software, but rather modify
production programs "on the fly" and use version control software to
track their changes.  Making changes in a "development" account and
copying into production is a variant on this approach.

The different approaches to software changes require different
capabilities.  Which approach is closer to your development method?


On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Barber, Bonnie
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> Does or has anyone on this list used Mercurial (UNIX) or TortoiseHg (windows) 
> for Universe program version control.
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