And just to add to that, also make sure you handle case sensitivity with your 
checkouts/ins. File names in particular in the Windows environment may cause 
issues. For example you can have 2 programs under UV/aix called TEST and Test 
in the same program file (path). In Windows, which is case insensitive, you 
could only have one. I don't know hg but this may also be true for the 
repository if it's on a Windows server.
From: Steve Romanow
Sent: 16-Nov-11 6:44
To: U2 Users List
Subject: Re: [U2] Mercurial/TortoiseHg source version control

One thing to be aware of with whichever vcs you choose, pat attention
to end-of-line characters.

There are some configuration settings in mercurial to say "these are
always unix files" and will not let an checkin from a windows machine
inadvertently send dos Ctl-M's.

Git for aix is available here.
Mercurial for AIX can be found here.

Note that Tortoise will only let you operate on a local repo.  You can
push and pull to the remote dvcs server, but any graphs or logs you
view will be for your local clone of the servers repo.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 2:23 PM, Rex Gozar <> wrote:
> Bonnie,
> For CVS here, I setup TortoiseCVS to SSH into the linux machine and
> checkout/checkin changes to the repository.  For Mercurial/TortoiseHg
> there should be something similar, e.g. hg push
> ssh://hguser@, so you can push your changes to your
> designated repository.  Is your repository on the AIX box?  Then ssh
> is probably your best bet.
> Right now I am using cygwin on my development PC so I can port and
> test my shell scripts, so I do not have experience with TortoiseHg yet
> -- just command line stuff.  Let me know what you do to get it going
> so I can copy your settings!
> rex
>>What I do not understand is how to get the programs back out to make changes.
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