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*Date:* 11/21/2011 3:27 PM
*Subject:* Re: [U2] [ot] A/P Dos 5.2.7 install on Windows 7?
George Gallen wrote:
I just came across my old AP DOS diskettes , and
wondered if they would still load on Windows 7?
Thought it might be interesting to try to load it up.
There is logic to the idea that it might be easier to find AP
people in a U2 forum than anywhere else.  :)  However I believe
it would be prudent to check in CDP and the TL forum as well.

That said, the real issue might not be in getting the environment
to boot, but to get it to run without a key.  Those systems were
licensed and non-transferable, and TL doesn't issue keys for them
anymore.  I believe TL now provides free D3 developer licenses
without requiring a reseller relationship.  So while it seems
kewl n geeky to run AP, it would be much easier to just restore
to a modern D3 system where answers are much easier to come by
than for AP.

Tony Gravagno
Former D3 DBMS Product Manager

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