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Sorry I missed your inquiry last week.

We developed a product called File Caddy that consists of two programs, TAPE.DUMP and TAPE.LOAD.

TAPE.DUMP performs a series of T-DUMPs from a source database and TAPE.LOAD performs a series of T-LOADs onto the target database from the t-dumps on tape.

You can specify either one or more specific files to dump or all the files in an account, including the VOC. Both the DICT and DATA sections of each selected file are dumped and then loaded.

The necessary characteristics of each section of each file are stored in the label of the T-DUMP so that the file can be automatically recreated on the target database if it does not exist at the time of the T-LOAD.

These programs use any tape media that are the same type of media (eg. QIC, virtual tape, etc) on both databases and that support the T-DUMP and T-LOAD commands on both databases.

I 'll be glad to send you more detailed information if you think this might help.


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Does anyone have experience converting a UniVerse account to UniData.  I
have used the UV_RESTORE.  It creates the files but does not copy the


David Jordan
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