There's a decent bullet-point presentation on cloud legal issues
available on Cisco's site:

As far as liability for data theft, it sounds like that's negotiable
between the client and cloud provider.  I doubt there's any standard at
this point.  There are a whole host of federal and state regulations
that come into play regarding theft of personal data, though.  If you're
storing business to consumer sales data, there is potentially a lot to
consider.  Business to business data is probably much less of an issue.


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ITLegal Issues

The company I work for is looking at a product that stores a bunch of
sales data in the "cloud"

Our internal legal person had a look at the contract that the company is
proposing and apparently it has a little clause in their that they are
not liable if the data gets stolen.
Is this standard with cloud products?

Also, I remember some folks at Spectrum talking about this, and I still
have the business cards, but, I am not in the office, AND I foolishly
forgot to store them in my contacts.

Susan J., I think you probably talked about this?
Maybe I can have my legal person fill out a contact form on your site?

(sj+ dot com)

John Thompson
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