I'm also interested in any advice / best practices for UO for Java on 
Domino.  It would certainly be nice to find a small user group to ask 
questions and bounce around best practices.

I haven't tried using UniObjects for Java with Domino yet, but I have used 
the original OLE/COM version of UniObjects in LotusScript agents on Domino 
8.5.  We have been using that for some small-scale production jobs for the 
past year, and it has worked really well.  The main problem I have is that 
the OLE/COM version of UniObjects hasn't been updated in years, and it 
doesn't seem to have a 64-bit version.  I have looked for alternatives, 
like trying to register the UO for .Net client as an OLE/COM object, but 
for some reason that only exposes a handful of classes and methods; the 
vast majority of the functionality doesn't seem to be configured to work 
when accessed as an OLE/COM object. 

So unless Rocket releases a 64-bit version of the original UniObjects, my 
fallback plan is to move to UniObjects for Java, but I've been putting it 
off until I have some more time or find other people doing something 
similar to help motivate me.  :-)

Jim Stoner
Lead Programmer/Analyst
SUNY Empire State College

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Has anyone used Uniobjects for Java with Domino 8?  If so, have you had 
luck with it.  Any best practice suggestions?

Charles Shaffer
Senior Analyst
NTN-Bower Corporation
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