That sounds like a security problem waiting to happen.
Why would you want a system where you don't define every user who can log in, 
and what account they can access?
If you want a "guest" login, just create a guest user and give them access to 
the default account.

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Not sure. Is there a way in the UV.LOGINS not to list ever user that will be 
ogin but a default one so that if the user is not listed that it does to that 
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o you mean the UV.LOGINS file in the UV account ?
hat lists, for each login, what path (universe account) they will go into when 
hey log in

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an anyone tell me where identify the default login account for all users hat 
og into UniVerse.
am setting up a new server and the old server it working fine. All the ser 
ogin in with wIntegrate, there is no users in the telnet services isted, plus 
he user on the domain has no default path listed.
hank you,
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