On 10/12/11 15:10, Kathleené M Hunter wrote:
I do not believe that I have been clear on this issue.

Have a current server windows 2003/ UniVerse 10.0.21 where everything works.
All user are directed to the live account when then login. There are no
entries in the UV.LOGINS. There is a register entry in "UvAccount" which
contains the account name that is in UV.ACCOUNT.

On a New server windows 2008 R2 / UniVerse 10.3.10 set it up the same way
and it does not work. So then I added the users to the UV.LOGIN and have
they go to the live account but it does not work no matter what user policy
is picked ( Home, Any, UV). I have stopped and restated the service after
each change.

From what I remember, this is always a pig, in that you set it up, forget about it, and then when you again set up a new server, it bites you again.

BY DEFAULT iirc, telnetd tries to put you in your home directory, which is why you're getting the "this is not a UV account" messages. Somehow, you need to tell it to put all users in the same default account, not their home directory.

You might need to edit the Windows directory ... hope this gives some clues to someone else to tell you exactly what's going on ...

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