I think another reason u2 was not used as a web2 DB was the lack of language
bindings. Sure no one had heard or it, but no one had heard of mongo - but
people chose to use ruby, or python, and looked to see what DB they could
use behind that.

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On the nosql website MultiValue is classed as Soft NoSQL because it did not
rise out of a web 2.0 need. Perhaps if people working on web 2.0
technologies had heard of U2 at the time, U2 would now already be the
primary web 2.0 backend and few of these newer databases would have arisen.
(Apologies for fantasizing!).

For reasons discussed n times on these forums, we know why the above didn't
happen. People thought this model did not exist, because they had never
heard of Pick, U2, MV call it what you will.

There are ample opportunities for the vendors and vars to spread the word
about U2 in the NoSQL world, but to do this I think they need to be willing
to go out to the conferences and make presentations on U2 and where possible
supply the audience with real world examples of websites (and where possible
web 2.0) websites running on a U2 backend. Also if anyone would like to
share references to any websites with me I would be happy to pass them on to
my NoSQL contacts here in Germany. There is nothing better than real world

The question is, which multivalue vendors are even interested or willing to
attend the NoSQL conferences. There are numerous conferences taking place in
2012 which someone from Rocket or one of the VAR's could attend to share the
message about U2. If you want to be heard of you need to get out to these
events and tell people about U2. Even if vendors or vars do not want to
present at these events then we as individuals can attend and chat with
people on an informal basis about U2. But I really want to see Rocket
representatives at these events presenting U2. I already know when and where
some of these events will be taking place (at least on the europe side of
the water) so if anyone from Rocket is reading, get in touch with me for
more info.


Am 18.12.2011 00:17, schrieb Tony Gravagno:
>> From: Laura Hirsh
>> ... Most importantly, does i xxxx model allow a company to focus on, 
>> and increase the bottom line of their business.
>> It really shouldn't be about one technology vs another.
> Laura hit it on the head.  There's all of this rhetoric about where MV 
> is best positioned.  But even outside of the NoSQL ecosystem, other 
> databases are just out there evangelizing their platform.  While 
> people in the MV market try to figure out if MV fits a specific NoSQL 
> niche definition, there's still no marketing outside of the already 
> established base.  If people don't see MV anywhere but on a NoSQL web 
> page, it's going to be regarded as just another unworthy curiosity - 
> the way any of us would gloss over a NoSQL database that we've never 
> heard of.  If the MV DBMS vendors just put the platform out there, we 
> won't need to worry about where it fits; people will categorize it 
> where they see fit.  That's the way real grassroots movements like 
> NoSQL work, a concept largely forgotten in this community.
> And while I give the DBMS vendors grief about lack of marketing, this 
> community is as guilty of it as they are.  "Grassroots", a concept 
> that used to be closely associated with us, means it comes from the 
> community, not just the vendor upline.
> T
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