IMO FusionIO has the best memory-drive devices for small size high volume
IOPs. Facebook is one of FusionIO's largest customers. Their devices are not
inexpensive but they are solid, fast and the support is great. We barely
touch the write capacity of our 80GB board. It's the read speed and r/w IOP
capacity that make the difference.
  EasyCo's MFT solution is a less-expensive alternative but you are still
limited by the speed of the SATA bus. I'd consider MFT first and test it
out. If that is not going to fulfill your needs, then move up into the
memory-drive arena.

Glen Batchelor
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> Hi All,
> I am interested in the groups opinion on using SSDs with Universe. My
> reading leads me to believe there are significant performance improves for
> I/O and more specifically random reads in the magnitude of 3,000% (30
> times) faster.
> Does anyone current use SSDs?
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