Actually, there is another alternative.  FusionWare's Managed Provider allows 
you to create a strongly typed dataset, and you can use this to create a Data 
Access Layer.  The strongly typed dataset is actually a Microsoft DataSet 
object, not a proprietary object of any sort.  To see more, view any of the 
"Nothin' but .NET" series at http://www.youtube.com/fusionwareint

We also provide similar functionality for Java environments through our Java 
Data Adapter.

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>From : Adrian Halid

> Has anybody tried or found an ORM for Universe.
> I am looking at something along the lines of NHibernate or Entity
> Framework.


Yes, and to my knowledge there is only one.  mv.NET includes a component called 
Solution Objects.  You start with your standard dictionary defs.  You add 
details required for strongly typed properties to create Extended definitions.  
You then define business objects which aggregate files and BASIC rules, and 
define strongly typed collections and relationships amongst the various 
classes.  Then you generate C# or VB.NET code which you then compile into a 
DLL.  The new modules are as capable as those of NHibernate or EF for 
validating data, supporting read-only properties, managing cascading updates, 
etc.  You have all of the source and can walk through and change the 
functionality if required.  The code is generated off of templates (like
CodeSmith) which you can change to effect global changes to your apps.  Direct 
file read/write is managed for you, or you can choose to have I/O go through 
your BASIC code (which is more in-line with the way we all prefer to do it).

You can give your finalized library to clients or colleagues to represent their 
view into your platform.  Some VARs want to offer their more sophisticated 
clients a new advanced interface into the app - this is it.  Give them a DLL 
and support it just like any other component of your app (for free or fee).  As 
a service I offer to build and support SDKs like this for VARs.

Since you're in Australia, I recommend you contact T-Data Pty Ltd, as they are 
your regional resellers for mv.NET.  As a worldwide Distributor I'll also be 
happy to answer all questions, and to provide mv.NET and related development 

Before Solution Objects, I created a MV provider for CSLA and ..netTiers, and I 
wrote my own Visual Studio plugin which generates strongly typed classes from a 
MV datasource.  I was also writing a plugin based on the FOSS SQLite provider, 
which allows all Database Explorer functionality from VS, so that we could 
create EF libraries from MV as easily as we could from SQL Server.  This was 
fun and the tools were very useful to me for that kind of work.  But given that 
there is almost no market in this community for such things, and my time for 
tool development was limited, I decided to direct all of my efforts in this 
area toward helping to make Solution Objects the kind of solution that we all 
want in this kind of tool.  There really isn't anything else like this in this 
market, so not only is mv.NET Solution Objects the only option, but it also 
happens to be a very good one.


Tony Gravagno
Nebula Research and Development
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