Actually I exclude everything except the two directories, on the "E:\" drive, used for uploads and the base Windows "C:\" directory where nothing resides, except Windows and drivers. Temp and the page file is on "D". I also checked the scanning, and real-time exception list and everything's excluded (except the upload directories).

Makes one wonder though. Not every recompile, obviously, causes problems. We have 1,500 programs that get recompiled occasionally (every three or four months) in our development environment (everything was re-compiled on 20 Dec 11).

Merry XMas.


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You should be able to add an exclusion in your antivirus.

For Universe, you could just add *.O

If you add it to the real time checker, and the full scanner, that might
eliminate any anti-virus non-sense.

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 7:50 AM, Wally Terhune

You might try checking the source/object with VCATALOG after a problem
occurs and before you recompile. What I'm hearing Bill say is that object
code on disk has changed (apparently). As someone else suggested - check
time/date of object also to see if this has changed after what you believe
to be the last compilation.

If a problem occurred, but did not re-occur after exiting and starting a
new udt session - that feels like 'flaky memory' or some problem with
udt.exe that has corrupted the memory for that process (think exception
violation). If the only correction is to generate new object code (that
presumably is not identical to what had been used), then you start thinking
about disk or utilities that could touch files/objects on disk.

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I don't know.  I compile a lot in development and have SEP installed.
You'd think it would wreck havoc, but one never knows.  But, as Wally
said, since I catalog locally sbcs shouldn't be involved.

I'm not familiar with memory management for Windows&  UniData.  :-(


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This is a long shot, but Wally's mention of malloc made me wonder...
could there be any software (virus checking or otherwise) that's
working on memory objects, not disk files?

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