You got that right!

Actually, it looks like one of the programs was missed and it was running the 
prior version.  No clue how or why, but I think I am on the right track.

Sorry for the panic message.

Merry Xmas to all!


John Israel
Senior ERP Developer

Dayton Superior Corporation
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The problem's obvious: you're working during your vacation!!

Sorry, I don't know how PRC pushes the updates - but I'd start with /XP or
/MP and go through the processes to make sure everything's calling what I
expect (guessing that PRC didn't overwrite a current process that is setting
things so it goes straight through).

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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From: Israel, John R.

I am dying here!

We use PRC to push our SB stuff from TEST to PILOT and then from PILOT to

I wrote a new process in TEST that works perfectly.  It looks for some txt
files to import.  If found, and you hit F2, it does some validation before
importing.  No problem.

I used PRC to move this to PILOT, but when I run the process in PILOT, the
screen never displays at all, and I start getting the SB.DISP messages as if
I had hit F2.

I have deleted the process and screens from PILOT and re-loaded - no effect.

I have made changes to the process and the screen in TEST and re-loaded - no

I am not getting any errors, it just does not display the screen and
immediately starts running the code as if the user had hit F2.

I have been trying to get this to display the screen in PILOT for hours (on
my vacation!), but have completely run out of ideas.

Any thoughts?

John Israel
Senior ERP Developer

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