Since upgrading to udt7.2 from udt7.1 we are having problems getting changes
to catalogued programs to take effect.


When compiling and globally cataloguing code, it is available immediately
from that same tcl session, however a php program executing udt and rtunning
the code still gets the old version, and our uniobjects connections still
use the same old version. All of this used to work fine with udt7.1  all we
had to do was recycle the pooled uniobkects connections and they would pick
up the new code.


I have tried combinations of the newversion option on the catalog command,
newpcode,  newversion commands from tcl and newversion from linux as the dev
user and as root, but to no avail.


according to the manual set...


newversion differs from NEWPCODE in that newversion requires that you
specify a user or users to obtain the new version, and all other users
obtain the previous version. NEWPCODE, on the other hand, changes the
version of a program in shared memory for all users. 


Also according to the manual - NEWPCODE is only applicable in the unidata
session from which it is executed   so I am not quite sure what the correct
way of doing this is.


This is on redhat 5.7, and udt 7.2.12


Can anyone enlighten me  why any of this is different on 7.2 and what I need
to do to get a new session to use the new code ?






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