What about code which has been set in Universe, to lock itself in memory.
I forget what that's called... I've only ever used it a few times because it's 
annoying and systems today are fast.
You can recompile and catalog that code, but the system will continue to use 
the old version until it's reloaded to the shared memory area.

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That's fine - I understand if you recompile/catalog something, any existing
essions will not get that code. What I am seeing is after recompiling and
ataloguing a uniobjects connection will start afresh and still use the old
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Did you ever resolve this?  I think nothing seems to change during a
niObjects connection.  When I recompile a subroutine while developing in
esignBais, I have to restart the UO connection for the account I'm on
ecause I use AccuTerm's "WED" editor.  Maybe this is kind of issue you're
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Subject:* [U2] Pegasus Publishing Systems, Inc
 Anyone know anyone who used to work on this at all - a friend of mine 
 has an old PEGASUS accounting system that needs some work and i was 
 wondering if it is still around, or what skill sets there are around to
ork on it.



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