UniData record locks are tied to a file variable. So if a file is opened in 
named common, a lock could persist after a subroutine exits. Of course, it 
would show up in LIST.READU...

The behavior Bill describes doesn't make sense to me. Would love to see a small 
test case demonstrating what he describes.

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As a note, we've been programming in web paradigms for many years, and we 
mostly understand the difference between non-persistent web connections and 
persistent telnet connections.

None of our activities does anything except gather data and submit to UO for 
almost instantaneous results, whereupon the results is returned to the web.  
These are all momentary connections and no LOCKING occurs except within the 
context of a momentary update.  So, the user calls the web server, a UO 
connection is either reused or created to connect to the dbms, a subroutine is 
run and ends (which, of course, should release all locks within the subroutine 
(unless doing something like a WRITEU which we never do - we're old-school in 
that regard), the the web call is closed and data returned by the UO connection 
is returned to the user in another web page, and the web connection is closed.

I think what's important to note is a "LIST.READU  ALL" shows the lock when AE 
has the record edited and the BASIC LOCKED clause is taken on a momentary UO 
connection.  When AE exits the record "LIST.READU  ALL" no longer shows any 
record locks but the BASIC LOCKED clause on a subsequent UO connection is still 
taken as though the record is locked only if the UO connection where the lock 
occured is reused.  If a new UO connection is used (due to timeouts or manually 
killing the original UO
connection) the BASIC LOCKED clause is __NOT__ taken.


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