This is one of the reasons why I continue to x=x+1 instead of x++

Not all languages support the ++, but they all support x=x+1


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> From: Charles_Shaffer
> Aside from it not being readable, compacting C code 
> like that can reduce portability.  Different compilers 
> may evaluate complex, compacted code differently.

Same thing has actually happened with BASIC code that's ported
from one platform to another.

Rule of thumb: Don't get cute. Spell out the code so that any
dumb compiler or programmer can read it.

On-topic: that makes my response to this thread, "not". 

One of our colleagues from the mid 80's wrote code that was so
clean I liked to say we could eat off of it.  I think he still
reads this forum: So to Mark Vander Veen, here we are over 20
years later and I Still appreciate your code.  Now THAT is


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