Yes and No.

ePortal has been up and running for years.

StoreFront (the on-line ordering) has NEVER been live.  I have a due date of 
next week and tried to get it up and running over the past weekend in case I 
had issues (which I clearly did).

I do not know why Epicor coded it the way they did.
It works perfectly in TEST
It works perfectly in PILOT

I have run compare utilities against everything and cannot find any differences 
that are not intentional (like the name of the desired account, the web site, 

The horribly annoying and confusing thing is it works in TEST and PILOT!  All 
of ePortal works cleanly until it tries to connect to LIVE.DATA.



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I'm guessing you're up and running on your production eportal site, and this is 
just a new method you're implementing, so the questions below are probably moot 
- but just in case....

If it's something specific to the Avante account, have you verified:
1)  login paragraph in live is the same as in pilot? 
2) the workdir in your rgwresp.ini is correct path to your Avante account?
3) the port to your account isn't blocked

Other than that, I haven't ever gotten anything useful out of this, but can you 
set trace and/or verbose levels in rgwresp.ini and see if you get any better 
information in the redback logs? 

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It is not returning an error to the web page at all (just the generic "500" 
error message).  If I look at the server logs, it is giving a meaningless error 
stating it basically had a problem on the server and did not finish correctly.

I tracked it down to the open2 method that tried to connect to the Avanté 
account.  Everything looks good, so I am at a loss.

I build a simple web page that does nothing but attempt to make this 
connection, and if successful, give the pertinent parameters involved.  This 
works flawlessly in TEST and PILOT, but fails in LIVE.

I have a call into Epicor, and have been waiting for a call back for a while 


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Hi John,
Hopefully you've gotten through to tech support this morning, but if not - what 
error is it returning to RedBack? 
Have you compared LOGIN paragraph between live and pilot? 
Is there any indication in the redback logs? 


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I have 3 UniData accounts (LIVE.DATA, PILOT.DATA & TEST.DATA).  Each has its 
own web site (live, pilot & test).  We are using Redback (U2 Web DE).  We are 
using Epicor's Avanté backend and a HEAVILY customized version of their ePortal 
web software.  Over the past few months, I have developed code in TEST and 
moved it to PILOT for user testing.  Everything works 100% in TEST and PILOT.

Today, I loaded everything from PILOT to LIVE (UniData code, web stuff, Redback 
objects, etc.)  There are 2 ways that the web pages connect to UniData:
myCart.Open2 account,"SF:oPreOrder"     - where
      myCart is the object
      account is the ePortal account (sister account to the Avanté account)
oOrder.Open2 accnt,"SF:oOrder",userid,passwd    - where
      oOrder is the object,
      accnt is the Avanté account
      userid is the Redback login
      passwd is the Redback passwd

I have never been told the reason for a difference, but it works cleanly in 
TEST and PILOT , but the 2nd type of connection is failing in LIVE.  I have 
confirmed that the userid and password are correct (the same in TEST and PILOT 
since Redback is global) and accnt is the intended Avanté account.

If I do not get success over the weekend, I will be contacting Epicor for help, 
but I would REALLY like to get this working before Monday.

Any thoughts?


John Israel
Senior ERP Developer

Dayton Superior Corporation
1125 Byers Rd  Miamisburg, OH 45342
Office: 937-866-0711 x44380
Fax: 937-865-9182

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