Unfortunately, we don't all get to choose the environment into which we're 
plopped by the gods.

There are ways to address it, but I'm just not sure the way I use is the best 
one yet.
Still collecting responses.

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Are you trying to be funny?
ho in his or her right mind would use 1 letter variables in a 8000 line 
rogram except maybe as loop counter or as throw away variables?
nd you have just explained why that is a stupid idea.
nd if you have a program like that?
ough luck, sounds like hard earned money to me.
appy hunting.
But I guess I better stop feeding the troll.:-X
On 26/01/2012 20:58, Wjhonson wrote:
 Mecki you're not paying attention.
 You have an 8000 line program that uses a variable "A"
 You didn't write it.  You need to find where that variable is assigned.
 You search for A ?

 That's not going to work.

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