Not to mention L ;A= and L ;A =

On 26/01/2012 21:15, John Hester wrote:
One of these searches should eventually work:

L  A=
L  A =
L A=
L A =

Unless the original author used some kind of ridiculous syntaxt like:

A           = 500

Granted, you're also going to get results for any IF/THEN equality tests
in the mix, but you'd have the exact same issue if the variable were
false positives with A if you also have variables like AA, AAA, BA,
etc., but one can only hope any programmer that incompetent would get
fired before they could leave behind too much code like that.


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Mecki you're not paying attention.
You have an 8000 line program that uses a variable "A"
You didn't write it.  You need to find where that variable is assigned.
You search for A ?

That's not going to work.
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