Tony your comments are unprofessional.

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I recognized Will's troll from his first post and was tempted to
omment but thought that would just stir up more OT discussion.
nd yet it continues anyway.
Don't you guys recognize the pattern here? He'll keep changing
he scenario, adding road blocks and confusing arguments that
ake proposals seem inadequate, and then he won't accept common
nswers anyway.  You guys have been generously providing feedback
o an enquiry that's not going anywhere.  He's just stirring the
ot.  He does this all the time.  Look back on prior threads if
ou're not seeing it yet.
> No - I thought we were talking about creating a 
 **NEW** counter variable in a large old program, call 
 it xx1  do a search on xx1  no lines, then use it.
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