It is not clear to me why "Passing By Value" is worth anything.  

I am surprised that this thread has led to so many responses... most... I did 
not read.

>From here... having a variable with a name... and calling an external 
>subroutine... is all the bread and butter that  I would ever need. 

                         myGuzInTa = ''
                                                           myGuzOutA = ''
                                                              errorFlag = ''    
Call *SUB.MY.THING.R1(myGuzInTa, myGuzOutA, errorFlag)

Begin case
            Case myGuzOutA = ''  ;  gosub xx
             Case 1                              ;  gosub yy
End    case

Putting a thingy-poo in double parens seems to be at odds with good programming 

Perhaps I am missing something...

I promise to try to read clarifying responses...


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