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Larry Hiscock

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Thank you, Rob!!!!

I am not going to sugar coat it like you did though. The OP was a DUMP TRUCK
LOAD overflowing with bull crap.

Karen Bessel
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I find this offensive... NOT careerbuilder's  user of chimpanzees, but your
libelous statements without offering any proof whatsoever except a link to
an organization page filled with generalizations and examples that have
nothing to do with the matter at hand. Did careerbuilder perform acts cruel
to chimps? If so, please offer some specific proof. A 1st hand account of
what if any acts were cruel, that they committed not something someone else
may have done in the past. If you cannot (as I suspect), you owe them an


>>> "Stuart Boydell" <> 2/4/2012 6:05 PM >>>
Sorry this is off topic, but as it involves a company that some of you may
use for job placement I thought it's not too inappropriate.

For the upcoming US Super Bowl the job placement company CareerBuilder
intend to run TV advertisements using Chimpanzees as unruly office workers.
Although the 'fun antics' of chimps may seem harmless, sorry to say there
are very sad consequences for them.

Previously CareerBuilder has agreed not to exploit Chimpanzees in their
advertising and this reversal has no doubt been based on having had good
advertising success rate overriding their commitment to desist. I don't need
to expand on the ethical implications of this position by a job placement

If you believe that going back on a promise or cruelty to animals are
morally unsupportable please consider writing to CareerBuilder to make your
feelings known.

You can read more about it here

Thank you for reading and apologies for posting off topic.

Stuart Boydell
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