I don't think using an INCLUDE is bad, but it must be done in the right way.


* It is the fastest way to use reusable code.
* It can be debugged just fine if you use the correct compile arguments.


* You must, MUST, address the variable names. I always prefix mine with
CODE$NAME where CODE is the prefix I've chosen for my INCLUDE and should be
unique for your system.
* You must recompile all instances if you want the change to be updated
* More difficult to edit program logic, unless you have a nice editor that
brings in INCLUDES/INSERTS for you automatically.

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Subject: [U2] Including Code - A Best Practice?

A friendly discussion arose recently among some U2/MV Developers about
whether to include code.

If any of you have opinions about the positive aspects or negative aspects
of this practice, please respond.  Should it be adopted as a best practice,
or rejected as special situation use only?

Many shops probably include long sections of variable assignments, or
perhaps globally opened files.  This is pretty much accepted everywhere as a
good practice.

In question here is the insertion of actual code - business logic or screen
I/O programs or code snippets.

Maybe you know of methods to overcome some of the obvious downsides:
unintended reassignment of local variables, difficulty in debugging, others.

What are the positive upsides?  Performance gains?

What is the longest snippet you think should be included, if allowed?

What advantage has included code over a CALL or a Function?  Reuse.  What

Can the downsides be mitigated satisfactorily to justify the gains?

Thanks so much.


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