Aside from phone#, the other thought was just a straight text "DROPSHIP", other 
That, I wouldn't be relating the phone number to anything, other than a piece 
of data

Isolating the loops isn't a problem. I have a subroutine that converts the EDI
To a dynamic array, and it knows that N1 is a loop, and will create separate
Them by @VM's  N1<1,x> will go with N2<1,x> where x is the loop number.

Were using customized programming, so it's not a problem to do unique things
Based on the partners ID, or the a specific SAN. 


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Are you setting up specifications or do you already have a set that
you're working from?  You should be able to isolate the N1 loops from
each other within a dataset so that each loop is a functional subset.
Then, based on the BT/ST code determine what kind of information you
have and apply it accordingly to you generating sales order process.

The issue you are going to struggle with is going to be the unknown code
(phone number) to your system.  You probably won't have a customer
master records to link to.  At least this is one of the issues we're
struggling against currently in our efforts to do this.  The direction
we're going is our sales orders have the extra fields for an actual
third-party name and address that is a manual entry on our screens. They
are not tied to the customer master file.

Our documents and labels that will need to use this third-party address
will have to be set so if it exists, it uses it, otherwise it will use
the normal ship-to information.  For the drop ship orders, the ship-to
will have to default to one of the partners normal ship-to's, just to be
safe and ensure the shipment never gets lost.

Oh, and there really isn't a way to do drop shipments using the SDQ
segment unless you have a matching ID of each SDQ CODE/QTY pairing
already in your customer master file.  At least not without redefining
industry standards of the EDI format.  I guess/assume you're using the
VICS standard.

This is a big monster of a change so if you want to talk concepts, we
could take this off-list.


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