Tony, my worry is about support in the future if you cannot keep your
website functional today.  Never did I say that product was not as

Telnet is archaic and was developed around late 1960's.  So when you are
using SQL Server, or Oracle, or Informix do you use telnet to do anything
to interact with the database?  Of course not! Why are we using telnet in
U2 as our main form of communication?

If you want to look like a shop that restores old cars, then keep on using
Telnet as your form of communication.  I'm sure I can phone you on a rotary
phone that works or maybe I should get out of my desk drawer and call you
on my Princess phone. (I'm using sarcasm to make my point.)

In today's world a 3 year old can use an iPad to access a Universe or
Unidata database application.  We sell an Alpaca herd management that runs
on the iPad and our granddaughter used the application "Who's your daddy?"
to find out who the alpaca's daddy is.  Sorry, another digression.

Oh, mvDeveloper and BDT are free, so we cannot use the cheap phrase here.
Well, XLr8Editor is not free so we can use the phrase for that product.


> To Doug, you imply that GUI=productive which is as invalid as
> telnet=unproductive.  I also hoped that you would have restrained
> your competitive instincts in just this one case.  You don't need
> to stomp on other products to promote your own.  You'll note that
> no one stomps on your threads when you make an announcement.
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