500 Megabytes and counting, so I can see where a variable is used....

That's a non-starter for me.



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Whether we are talking about Telnet that uses port 23 or UniObjects that
uses or 31438 or HTTP that uses 80, it not the port that is the problem.
 It is not the way packets are transported or what overhead each different
protocol has.  The fact remains for me it is the presentation.

Why do you think the new Metro interface from Microsoft is used "...in
order to create a unified and distinctive look across it consumer product
and services."  It is the presentation that catches our eye.

When you are programming with the Telnet interface screen running behind
whatever you are using for an editor, then you will catch someone's eye but
not in good way.  You can couch it with this runs faster, or you are more
productive, or it's simple to use: it does not really matter. They have
seen that editor does not that elegance.

When I fire up Eclipse they notice I have a real workbench with menu bars,
tool bars, different perspectives, views, and status bars.  My screen looks
like a real editor because it is a real editor that Java developers, PHP
developer, C developers, C++ developers, and now U2 programmers use.  I
have built in Search.  I have built in Version control.  I have built in
the ability to have two different accounts open.  I have the ability see my
variables and internal subroutines.  I can close those subroutines by click
on the minus and opening up with a plus.  I can double click on a variable
and see on the ruler bar where it is used throughout the program.

The least understood feature I cannot live without anymore
is continuous compile.  I no longer wait to compile my program to see what
typos I make, Universe and Unidata compiler are telling me while I type.
 If fail to assign a value to a variable, I know as I'm typing.  This alone
is worth the price of admission.

That perception is what I've been preaching about for years.  It can impact
you as the developer or it can impact the entire organization.

"XLr8Editor for Universe and Unidata"
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