I agree completely with this. Except the aversion to anything PICK. From what I've noticed there is still an aversion because it is a mystery to them. Most of the newbies to business have been brought up on MS and anything else to them is old school. What used to be "You can't go wrong when buying IBM" has changed to "You can go wrong when buying Microsoft". Our vars have discovered a big business converting U2 to SQL Server and are taking advantage of it. It would help if Rocket, and the other flavors, had a policy in place that would state that they would loose their var status if they didn't also sell a product that ran on the database. It would force them to want to sell more copies if they needed it to stay in business.


On 2/17/2012 1:24 AM, David Jordan wrote:

Whilst I understand where you are coming from Doug.  I think we get too caught 
up that telnet is negative.   Microsoft had to bend to demand for a command 
line system for Windows because the tech guys said it was too slow to do things 
in Windows forms.   When I talk to Oracle databases, SQL Server database, I am 
still working with command prompt windows with some flash around them.   
Remember that easily 40% of code is still written in Cobol.  There are 
mainframes in multinationals across the world still using green screen systems 
and paying a lot of money for them.  Systems administrators across the world 
are driving unix, linux and windows systems through command prompt windows.   
The concern about telnet is more in the heads of U2 developers than in the 
customer base.

It is like the aversion to the word PICK, people are nervous about a negative 
reaction from mainstream IT.   But we have a new generation of IT people who 
have never heard of PICK, never mind having a closed mind to it.   Rather than 
getting caught up debating whether people are against telnet, we should promote 
its positives.   I have seen a company just buy a brand new cobol GL system.  
If they would buy a Cobol system, why wouldn't they buy a PICK GL.   We are our 
own worst critics.

If anyone has worked in a mainframe site and saw some of the systems they are 
working with, they would be shocked.  I think we have an incredible opportunity 
to grow U2 business in the current economic environment, if it was not for us 
tripping ourselves up by underselling U2 technology.

My 2c

David Jordan
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