I agree with Brian that dictionaries are definitely part of the software and
should be managed (versioned/deployed, etc.) with the rest of the software.
Certain items in the data section of hashed files, too.  Procs. Everything.
Anything that contributes to the infrastructure of the application, that
might change, that needs to be deployed should be under version
control/source control.  


And to answer the question I think you were asking, Stuart, yes PRC does
track changes to dictionaries using the /FD tool and of course to any file,
either section, that it has been told to track via any tool that it has been
told to track.  That usually includes the dictionary section of all files
and at the very least the AE, ED, vi (from TCL) editors and quite often SE,
lately BDT and a handful of desktop editors (e.g. Ultraedit) as well as some
U2 based editors (Pegasys, Edit-Plus, etc., someday soon Brian Leach's
MVDeveloper editor).


As to creating and maintaining dictionaries, I've been spoiled to using the
SB+ /FD tool for a long time.





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I have a simple program that builds them from a script. THat way the scripts
form part of the system definition and get version managed like the rest ..
As far as I'm concerned dictionaries should be treated like source code.




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On 18 Feb 2012, at 21:53, "Boydell, Stuart" <


> Quick pop quiz. How do people build and maintain dictionaries?


> I have used Doug's XLr8 tool, SB+ and ED.

> I haven't found one that allows the use of standard revision control
systems (meaning anything appearing in Wikipedia's list of revision control
systems) out of the box, though Doug's may get there. (interested too, who
does use SCM (including SJ+) for their dicts and file creation scripts and
other "admin" artifacts?


> Of the three I like using the Xlr8/Eclipse GUI and grid makes for (IMHO)
clean, consistent dicts and very easy to look at as opposed to LIST.DICT
which in it's original form has to be one of THE most archaic features of
the environment. Especially in a 25 x 80 green screen.


> Stuart.

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