Whilst these editors can do it to a file in the directory, they are bypassing 
the record locking within UniVerse.   

I am playing devil's advocate, that whilst there are some things easier to do 
in a Gui, there are some things easier to do in a green screen editor.  I jump 
back and forward between GUI editors and green screen editors all the time to 
take advantage of their different functionality.

David Jordan

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I just read this article on tools and the concept of a "backplane" as an IDE. 
Read the article and the linked articles inside it to see that this discussion 
about X v Y is really pointless. :)


David, I think most common IDEs/editors I can think of will do this type of 
universal search and replace across selected sets of files or entire directory 
trees. Most of them allow regex too which ED does not.


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