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>How about a third choice?
>Dan's post is a RE-POSTING from last year, from before when he worked
>for Rocket...
>On 3/9/2012 12:51 PM, Wjhonson wrote:
>> You work for Rocket.
>> There are 20 U2 people there, and only 2 have "heard" of U2UG.
>> Words fail me.
>> I'm not sure if I should be just amazed or righteously angry.
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>> Hi Brian/U2UG,
>> Now that I work for Rocket, I'm not sure if I should still vote. Thoughts?
>> If I can, I'd like to reiterate the questions I posed this time last year 
>> before 
>>  do vote.
>> " Hi all,
>> I've posted an open letter regarding the U2UG elections to the nominees. I'd
>> ove to see more dialogue around these elections as I feel I don't really
>> now what I'm voting for when I place my votes.
>> Along with this, I also wonder how many people on this list are members of
>> he U2UG and how many actually vote? I've never seen any numbers. I know I'm
>> ne of two out of the roughly 20 U2 people at my work who know of the U2UG
>> nd am the only member. Not the greatest odds. On the positive side, it
>> eaves a lot of room to expand. :)
>> Regards,
>> an"
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