Hi Bill:

BDT uses UOJ for connection which does not support environmental variables.
You would have to shell out to get them and convert the files manually.  I
looked in the manuals and did not find an alternative.

BDT does not have a keep alive.  The default for a UOJ session is an hour.
 If you do not do anything in that hour you have to reconnect again.  BDT's
advance settings do not allow you to change the default even though UOJ
supports changing this parameter.


On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 4:14 PM, Bill Haskett <wphask...@advantos.net> wrote:

> I installed the new U2 BDT (Basic Developer's Toolkit) and attempted to
> use it.  In the U2 resource tab (after I created a server connection) one
> gets a list of accounts.  Drilling in one gets a list of files.  These
> include links ('Q'-files).  When I click on one of the program links I get
> the message:
> "Could not get contents of directory "E:\UDAccounts\Dev\@ABO_SYS\**BP" on
> server "devserver".  Error message: Unable to find the directory."
> Ok, the file link I'm accessing looks like:
> 7 Dev (0)-> AE VOC ABOBP
> Top of "ABOBP" in "VOC", 3 lines, 28 characters.
> *--: P
> 001: LD
> 002: @ABO_SYS\BP
> 003: @ABO_SYS\D_BP
> Bottom.
> ...so it appears the tool is appending the file path onto the VOC
> information.  Unfortunately, in UD on Windows we use environment variables,
> so the reference "@ABO_SYS" is a defined environment variable path.  It
> appears, therefore, that one cannot reference programs and data from links.
>  Secondly, there doesn't seem to be any timeout manager (or keepalive
> setting) because my RPC times-out because I've set it to do so.
> I guess this alone makes use of this tool problematic for me.  Can anyone
> inform me that I'm mistaken and simply have to make a few settings to
> overcome these basic impediments?  I guess I just have to go back to WED.
>  :-(
> Thanks,
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> Bill Haskett
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