Eclipse is a pain, but at the moment it provides a base that works for windows 
and linux offerings.  It is a standard base for Rocket tools including datavu, 
webservices, restful servives, EDA, etc.

I support David's comments that rather than putting down products, we need to 
work with Rocket in how to improve the products.   There are many opportunities 
for test tools and other development tools to be integrated with BDT that could 
help developers productivity.  However Rocket will not invest in this product 
if we constantly put it down.

It is also something as developers should look at how they manage source code.  
 Maybe the source code that is to be edited should be taken out of a library 
and stored in a development spot which would have a local directory.

Whilst there is still work to go on BDT, it is an evolving product and 
something that makes U2 look more professional something that the community has 
had to battle with in the eyes of management and consultants


David Jordan

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Thanks, Doug.

Not much of a tool, especially when you have to download and install all the 
junk that goes with it!  :-(


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> Hi Bill:
> After testing BDT, I'm wrong.  BDT does recognize environment variables.
>   However, you cannot open or edit any files that are not "DIR" files.  
> So you are trying to edit an LD file and it does not let you.
> I figured this out when our editor allowed editing of those files.  So 
> there really is not a bug but a BDT feature.
> Regards,
> Doug
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