Hi Bruce,

It may have to do with your concept of how the work flow is going in
screen and the way your process is working to control your entry.  If
you have access to a copy of Kevin King's green System Builder book "SB+
Solutions", check the sections in "Special Processing for Multivalued
Fields" starting on page 3-145.  Specifically where it talks about the
fact that in an Multivalue field, the Process Before the Prompt is only
executed one time for the first value, not before each value of the
field.  This might be where you're having the problem.

I love this book, by the way!!!  Thanks Kevin!


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Hi All,
I have created a new screen in SB+. The data is built into the work
record and then I want to have the user be able to go through the lines
one at a time in order to change a date field. The date field itself
will only be able to be changed when another associated date field is
not already present. I have the screen working pretty well except for
something strange that is happening. That is, I can call the screen up
from the menu and when I hit enter at the first line it move over to the
the date to be modified.
But when I exit the screen and come back into it, the cursor will not
move over to the date but just down to the next line, and the next line
again if I continue to hit the enter key. It never goes over to the date
field, just down a line. When it reaches the bottom of the data it
cycles back to line one and continues to go down the page with each
enter key. Now it gets really interesting. When I exit the screen and
then go back into the screen it will work correctly. And if I exit and
re-enter it will fail again. It just toggles between working correctly
and not working at all.
I have tried to debug this by putting in DISP statements into the
Process After Display (the first process is called from here) but I do
not see what is causing the screen to react the way that it is.
I don't know if I have explained it very well but has anybody else had
this problem before and know how to fix it?
Thanks in advance,
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