I don't think I've ever heard anyone who uses Eclipse talk about how
much they like it, yet it has still managed to become a pervasive IDE.
I actually do use as my main IDE in the form of IBM's Rational
Application Developer for WebSphere.  I've never been a fan of the
cluttered interface, but its tight integration with WebSphere App Server
and access to IBM's tech support outweigh the negatives.  I suspect
IBM's commercialization and support of Eclipse probably has a lot to do
with its pervasiveness.  It's probably going to be a known quantity for
a lot of developers who work at large IBM shops.  Rocket's choice may be
a sensible one if they aim to make U2 more appealing to larger


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Well said Tony - But I just wish they chose something other than eclipse
as the base. Just about every programmer I know (java,.net,web,php etc)
has eclipse installed yet not one of them uses it as their main ide.
Things like VS, netbeans, inteliJ make much more sense.
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