Sorry, haven't seen it. Are you sure your UCI config file is OK? In my UCI
config file editor I have options to "Get Registry" and "Reset Registry"
under File. Perhaps that will help....


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Subject: [U2] odbc error "Unable to get UCI configuration file from

I'm running Universe clients 10.3 against a server running 10.3, and I've
done something with my configuration that I can't resolve.

When I attempt to test the connection within the Universe ODBC Data Source
Setup, I consistently get this message:
[IBM][UVODBC]90301928]Error ID: 46 Severity:  ERROR Facility: DBCAPERR - UCI
Error. Func: SQLUseCfgFileFn(); State : IA001; uniVerse code:0; Msg:[U2][SQL
Client]Unable to get UCI configuration file from Registry.."

I've de-installed the driver, cleaned the registry, re-installed the driver,
removed all Universe client applications/tools, re-installed them,

I know it's not the software itself, because we're using the same tools here
on similar laptops running the same OS, (windows-7 32bit), without issues.

I've looked through the archives, looked through Experts-Exchange, and
googled a number of times.

Has anyone seen this before - and resolved it?

Thank you.

Allen Egerton 

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