On Universe you can run the LIST.READU command to see what records
are locks and by who.

        The other thing to do is place a AUTOLOGOUT for all users, logs the
user out of UniVerse after a period of inactivity.

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Hello all,
We are running Universe 10.1 on AIX with about 500 users. We have a problem
with users opening up a record which puts a lock on it and just letting it
sit at the INPUT statement for a long time.
Most of the locking within the application does not use the LOCKED clause so
when a second person needs the locked record, their session waits.
What is the best way to detect the user hasn't typed anything for a period
of time, say 2 minutes? This needs to be simple as we have no desire to
rewrite the application!
IIRC, some other MV systems have a timeout on the INPUT but I can't find
anything about this in the UV manual.

Don Robinson
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