DO the resize at Unix with the memresize command and you can specify where the 
TMP space is. So you can use space from another file system during the resize. 

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Unidata 7.1.8  Sun Fire 4500 32 GB RAM

Main Storage on an EMC SAN.

Single Application: 24/7 Library database, no replication.


perhaps someone can help me or point me to an piece
of helpful text with the following two questions:

1. Our storage operator claims that we produce too much steam
on his drives. Are there UD parameters to look at in respect of
Unidata caching?

2. For better performance I try to resize some of the files.
It often happens, that no space for the temporary file can be found
or it is not possible to copy the resized file as shown below:
(happens with memresize as well)

The actual file size in bytes         = 34798592.
Suggested resize modulo = 30449.
AAF.KEY.BSN.BIS is a synonym, real name is 
The temporary file for RESIZE is /dev/shm/rsztp7nw1D8.
Not enough space to copy /dev/shm/rsztp7nw1D8 back to 
RESIZE failed. Cannot mv file.

This is our file system design:

Dateisystem          1K-Blöcke   Benutzt Verfügbar Ben% Eingehängt auf
                       34252528  27323732   5188816  85% /
/dev/sda1               101086     65155     30712  68% /boot
none                  16224128   5548488  10675640  35% /dev/shm
                      103662848  33754404  64642628  35% /tmp
                       88591264  42596672  45994592  49% /usr/ud

Can I force Unidata not to use /dev/shm but /tmp instead?

Yours sincerely,

Rainer Viehoefer


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