Is your "Multiple Records Per Page" set to "N"?

Are your multi-valued fields set up with negative Max MV Lines?

I've not encountered this problem in my forms.

Make the entire report in the "D" section - you don't really need an actual 
heading section for a form-style report.

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Hi group,

I'm having a problem with page breaks and page number counter in a SB
Form report.  I have a report that is set up with Headings, Column
Headings, and a Detail line defined.  I have a dict item defined,
PAGE.OF with a derived field definition of:

 ('Page ':@RV.MV.PAGE:' of ':@RV.MV.PAGE.CNT)

On the report, I am getting this value as:

  Page 1 of 1

Unfortunately, it's not changing for a more than one page listing.  The
format of the report is that it's a single record with multiple details
from the AMV group of the record.  It's like an invoice record where the
structure is a single record with MV attributes for the detail lines.

If there are enough values, the printout starts with the headings on
page one, then the column headings, then a number of detail (MV) lines.
It then reprints the headings and column headings then continues with
the rest of the detail (MV) lines.

If I send the report to the HOLD file then edit the output, I see the
printer initialize escape sequences at the top, before the first
heading, but at the point where the headings are printed a second time,
I am not seeing a Form-Feed escape sequence.

Anyone have thoughts on where I might look for what controls the page
length and what triggers the update to the two @ variables?  Hope I've
explained this properly.



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