I've been tinkering with the permissions on an account in UniData. We run Windows 2008 R2 and UD v7.1.12. I have one account where I removed all permissions, assigned me as the "owner", then assigned me and a unique group (UniDataUnique) as having "full control" of the entire account directory. I propagated all permissions down into the directory.

So, every object, within the account directory, gives full permissions to me and the group "UniDataUnique". I assigned the group "UniDataUnique" to the DesignBais user (the user authorized to access the dbms via UniObjects).

I cannot login via telnet. I can login via UniObjects through DesignBais. I can log into another dbms account, create a "Q" pointer to the voc of the restricted dbms account, and list the contents of the restricted VOC. I can't list the "Q" file if I'm anyone else.

Is there something peculiar with telnet that I can't log into this account? Naturally, when I add the "administrators" group to the account's permissions I can login via telnet.


Bill Haskett
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