On 25/04/12 15:46, John Jenkins wrote:
>  We've recently added a new UniData tuneable to udtconfig "UDT_SPLIT_POLICY" 
> which can help conserve space when an overflowed dynamic file splits. The 
> total size of the contents are not necessarily the same as the physical file 
> size. Always worth checking with "guide" and the latest fixes and changes for 
> this change if you have a stake here as the new split policy needs to be 
> positively chosen.
> Regards
> JayJay
Dunno Unidata, but if you're copying to a dynamic file, would it make
sense to use MINIMUM_MODULUS on the new file? JayJay, you'd know far
more than me about this, but in UniVerse, it makes sense to use it if
your file is not going to shrink and you're creating it specifically to
populate it with a large amount of pre-existing data.


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