On 04/25/2012 05:37 PM, Wjhonson wrote:
To this list.  Then the job description ITSELF does not mention Unidata 

To me that says that posting this job anywhere other than this list, for 
example Dice or Monster is NOT going to mention Unidata
Since it's not going to say Hi I'm Jeff Butera chatting here and I'm going to 
make an offhand remark and THEN post the specific job description.

I'm going to pour some gas on the fire for Wil and say many of you on this list don't know crap about academia. Then again, I don't know much about working in the corporate side - but I don't try to tell you what to do. We NEVER advertise on Dice, Monster or other national sites - the quality of applicants from those sites is a horrible mismatch for us in academia.

We have very targeted advertising for our positions, most of which are college-centric (higeredjobs.com, chronicle.com, etc). I chose to post it here as a courtesy for some who may have the U2 skillset and looking for work, even though they may not be familiar with a college environment.

Yes, Wil, perhaps I would do better to put Unidata directly in the job description if I were seeking to pull in a super-qualified U2 programmer. Then again, perhaps I know more about the position and/or our 5 and 10 year plans that may have us out of the Unidata world (for various non-technical reasons - most here know I'm an ardent U2 supporter). Perhaps I know that Datatel (err, Ellucian's) toolkit is so damn proprietary that knowing U2 is only a small piece of he puzzle.

The job doesn't mention Datatel because "Datatel" no longer exists and I just restructured so there's no split between Datatel and other non-ERP programming in this job. Likewise, see my 5- and 10- year comment above - we may not be with Datatel for long.

Let's say that contrary to Wil's opinion, I actually know what I'm doing - the job description was carefully crafted with certain words left out on purpose.

Jeff Butera, PhD
Manager of ERP Systems
Hampshire College

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