Just an interesting piece of history that folks might find amusing. Back in
the day, Ultimate had a development project to speed up the basic compiler.
Everyone was really anticipating the performance improvements.

However, when the new compiler was timed and tested, it  didn't produce the
expected speed improvements and the developers couldn't find the cause.

At the time, Ultimate displayed one asterisk as each line of code was
compiled. After much investigation, one of the developers thought to remove
the display of the *, and  the compiler flew! It was truly amazing - so much
so that we didn't think the program compiled at all. 

The new compiler was finally released as one * for each 10 lines of code.

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Computers keep getting faster, and databases keep getting larger.  So as a
"refinement" you could say, display something if a second or more has
passed, and don't display anything if it hasn't.

We used to use MOD 100, which was fine 20 years ago.  Now it spins by so
fast you cant read it. 

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I think you complicating things ... Troy has it right:
Sure files could be resized, and code re-engineered, and all these good hing
do help, but I reduced a process scanning 20 million records from 12 ays to
2 days just taking out the CRT to screen informing the user of rogress (or
lack of progress.) on such a large number I'd set the interval to around
20000, so that the ode as below sits at n,count += 1 f rem(count,20000) then
   CRT n.count:' / ' : tot.count
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> Good point...  For progress indications, I tend to do the following on 
> the
 mass updates:

 N.COUNT += 1
 IF REM(COUNT, 1000) ELSE CRT "+":

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