I concur. I have several pack/ship automation lines with PS90's running on the "PS One" serial servers set to server mode. I can only help with theory on the code since it's on D3. I wrote a live network scale input prompt that polls the scale for weight changes and displays the changes while waiting for a keystroke. I can only share pseudo code but I'll help where I can.

On 5/4/2012 9:36 AM, George Gallen wrote:
We have used this device:

It's been in use now for about 6 years - no problems - but I don't read from 
it, only write to it for
A serial printer (our version has an lpd protocol built in).


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         Has anyone used a "Serial to Ethernet" Device between a Mettler Scale ( PS60 ) and their Unidata / Universe System? We 
are running Unidata on a Unix machine. What I would like to do is network a scale in our receiving department. The "Serial to 
Ethernet" device would be set up as a server. The Unidata Unix machine would connect via a socket to the "Serial to 
Ethernet" device, pass "W*" to the Mettler Scale ( "give me the weight" ), the scale would then pass back the 
weight through the "Serial to Ethernet" device.

If someone has done this and can provide any feedback, that would be 
spectacular. And if you know of a serial to Ethernet device that works well, 
please let me know.

             George Hammerle

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