Ethernet drops. Sure you could use cat5/6 cable as your medium to carry the 
serial itself. We used to do that for a brief period for devices that were 
local to the UV box. But that doesn't help me when the other end is in the 
clinic tower on the 11th floor as the UV server is on the 2nd floor of the 
hospital (different buildings). Everything in between in fiber going back to 
the d.c. on the 3rd floor. Then I've also got to support 6 other hospitals and 
30+ clinics upwards of about 100 miles away. The Lantronix provide a single 
mechanism to support that's inexpensive and just plain works.
On the UV side, I use nothing but the ethernet coming in. On the remote end, we 
place Lantronix UDS-1100 serial to ethernet device servers (about $125) 
  On the device end, it's either setup to auto-connect to the UV box, or put 
into server mode, and we connect to it (depends on the use). If you're going to 
do a serial printer, I'd suggest the LPS or EPS line instead as they support 
LPR - though we have used a UDS in a pinch.
We've literally got hundreds of these deployed across about 1/2 of the state of 
Louisiana. Been quite pleased with them. Though the Digi's are very nice as 
Robert F. Porter, MCSE, CCNA, ZCE, OCP-Java
Lead Sr. Programmer / Analyst
Laboratory Information Services
Ochsner Health System
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>>> Wols Lists <> 5/6/2012 7:34 PM >>>
On 04/05/12 15:21, Robert Porter wrote:
> There are lots of reasons... 
> How far is the device?    We span an 11 floor set of buildings where the UV 
> box is, plus 3 dozens other buildings across a radius of upwards of 100 
> miles.  With serial the farther you go, the slower you have to set it. Or are 
> you going to put in short hauls to get overt distance/speed limits?
> How about cabling costs?  When they want to move the scale, you're going to 
> pay to move the point to point cable again?  Ethernet drops tend to be 
> everywhere. The most that has to happen is an IP change.

Do you mean ethernet, or do you mean cat-5/6?

Years ago, I put a cat-5 loom in from the first floor to the basement of
our office - about 40m of cable iirc.

Then the office manager asked me "how do I control our telephone
exchange on the first floor from my pc in the basement. I simply ran a
cat-5 extension from each end of the loom into serial ports on the PC
and the exchange.

"serial to cat-5" converters were (and still are?) dirt cheap.

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