There's nothing I can do as far as I know about how the AOL email creator, and 
... whatever.. interact.

As far as quoting, it's an automatic function, I'm not *doing* anything to make 
it happen, it happens all on it's own.



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I know functional code was posted last week so I'm amazed that this
thread is still alive. I'll just add that in D3 we can do this:

matread dimrec from fv,key else null
dynrec =  dimrec
write dynrec on fv,key

Perhaps non-intuitively, the assignment of a dimensioned array to a
non-dimensioned variable not only creates a dynamic array, but
automatically truncates trailing attributes. It's the equivalent to
matbuild, which I believe by default also truncates. I thought the
same behaviour was standard in U2, haven't checked sorry.


(PS : Hey Wil, doesn't it irritate you that your quoted text is
usually missing the first character of every line? You're the only
person on the planet that seems to have this problem. Someone
commented on it here a while back. How about doing something about
that? If you quote code it gets corrupted, so what's the point?)

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