All I have seen so far is in the UniData 7.3 new features PDF (see the tinyurl 
in my original post for a link to the PDF).
I'd like to see some worked (and working!) examples at some point.

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I won't be there - where can I get more information on U2 Dynamic Objects.

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There is a U2 University session on this - coming up June 26-8 at Carden Park, 

U2 Dynamic Objects - Hello JSON!
Do you want to call a RESTful Web service and quickly deal with the data it 
brings back? Come learn how to use the new U2 Basic functionality to easily 
handle web services data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. Come 
learn about the interesting features in the new  U2 Dynamic Objects (UDO) API 
in Basic and see how easy it is to consume web services.

Wally Terhune
Technical Support Architect
Rocket Software
4600 South Ulster Street, Suite 1100 **Denver, CO 80237 **USA
t: +1 720 475 8055 **e: **w:

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I was just working my way through the patchlist.txt for UV11.1.9, where I 
encountered an unexpected gem: U2 Dynamic Object API.
To quote the full entry in the doc:

UNV-5606 Beginning at UniVerse 11.1.9, the U2 Dynamic Object API

is introduced as an emerging technology. U2 Dynamic Object

API provides an object structure in UniVerse. It is based on

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight text-based

data interchange format.
The details of the API are in Chapter 1 of the UniData 7.3 New Features manual 

Has anyone worked with this API yet and have any feedback/insights they care to 


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