That bug is what caused me to come here Rick.
The program is finding the key twice, and repeating logic that doesn't apply 
using a LOCATE and getting the wrong position.

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The short answer is "no".  The index does not contain the position within the 
ecord.  You could, theoretically, create an index based on an itype that 
ontained that information, but it would be a whole lot simpler, and probably 
ore efficient to just LOCATE the value that you are looking for within the 
asic program that is accessing the index.
Rick Nuckolls
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sing the CREATE-INDEX command you can create secondary indexes on files, and 
hen in BASIC using the SELECTINDEX command you can retrieve results into a list 
ariable so you can walk it with READNEXT
Can you use a construct like
That is, does the index itself retain the multi-value position into the 
nderlying primary record?
r are all index entries key only without any knowledge of the multivalue 
osition ?
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