Unfortunately, I am using correct case.  I even tried compiling with the -i 
option, but to no avail.  
I did misspeak.  SOAP is working...well at least enough to return error 
messages, but that's fixable.  It's the XDOM and UDO extensions that cannot be 

I am really excited about the UDO Dynamic Objects, but it is new to 7.3 and may 
not have made it into the PE.  I notice the subroutine descriptions are only 
listed in the 7.3 New Features and  Unibasic Extensions manuals, but not the 
Unibasic Reference.  But, I am really surprised that the XDOM doesn't appear to 


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Just a guess, but I seem to recall that the names of those functions, unlike 
most other intrinsic functions, are case-sensitive. Are you casing then 

On Jun 8, 2012, at 3:28 PM, Boutilier Ron wrote:

> Hi everyone, 
> Always a pleasure to read the useful advice and varying personalities on this 
> list.
> I have recently installed the Unidata 7.3 Personal Edition.  As I have been 
> out of Pick for a few years, I wanted to brush up on old skills and check out 
> the latest enhancements.
> Unfortunately, when I tried to work with 2 of the Unibasic extensions that 
> interest me, the SOAP and XDOM features, the commands were unavailable.  The 
> INCLUDE files are present, but when I try to run any of the subroutines, they 
> are not found.  I am guessing this is what Rocket means by "limited 
> functionality".
> Does anyone have experience with the Unidata PE and what commands are not 
> available?  Is this something I am not doing?  
> Thanks for any help.  (and per an earlier discussion, yes, I have poured over 
> the manuals.)
> Ron
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