The issue is that pick jobs are not disappearing, it is an issue that they are 
changing as in all technologies.  There is a move from internal custom 
applications to packaged solutions.  U2 sales are growing but it is in ISV 
solutions.   What is a problem is a mismatch of current skills and new demands 
for skills.

The U2UG is setting up a professional development program to help build skills, 
career opportunities and opportunities.  However we need your feedback to make 
this work.  U2 developers and sales people are professionals whse skills go 
beyond just pick code.  As a user group we want to create an environment to 
recognise that professionalism that can be put on a CV.   We are looking at how 
to expand training opportunities and keep costs down.

This is an opportunity to raise U2 experience and awareness and I look forward 
to your support in helping the user group to help its members.


David Jordan

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